Tuesday, 28 June 2011


good evening everyone!

as far as i'm concerned there are only 6 of you out there following this blog and I AM of them so 5 really, but never mind i know that the tunes tunes will be appreciated and that all it matters..so here we go...i'm not going for the hype here...
someone told me once in Tanzania as i was trying to bargain a dusty and broken artisan  
African mask "old is gold my friend...old is gold"...i knew the mask vendor was trying to fool me but the formula worked anyway.

Arlean Brown - I'm a streaker baby
this tune is to me, absolutely perfect.love the rawness,the harmonica,the bass line? don't even get me started...no one is writing tunes like that any more.i'm not blaming anyone i know it's hard to beat this.

Baltimore _K_s friendly edit_.mp3
beautiful song that cried for a dub input...that's something done

Marion Black - who knows
What can i say? this song never fails to get me snapping and grooving..even my kids get down on it...and that's something i almost can't explain but the bass line has got to be involved in the effect produced.

James Kind - California lady
another close to my heart song.just perfect vocals and guitars sound....good James....what happened to you by the way? couldn't find any other song of yours any where? well done numero group for your amazing spade action here.

Sekoilu Seestyy _finland_.mp3
Obviously you would as music "connaisseurs" recognize the sample from the Endtroducing album of DJ Shadow.not many albums had such an impact on me as this one did.perhaps Portishead,dummy and kruder and dorfmeister kd sessions or Tricky "Maxinquaye" at the period...on the more commercial side..The fugees were also equally refreshing.

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