Monday, 21 May 2012


It's all about the festivals, the Olympic games and the queen jubilee right now in England.I'm more into part 1 of the above myself but it's time consuming so before i forget how to spell "blog" or "post" i hurry to share some of the things i have enjoyed lately:
love the video and the song..

same vein as this;perfect to gently nod under the sun...

Bumped into this the other day, i was literally mesmerized by her voice and her perfect timing:

the instrumental here really caught my attention...not entirely convinced by the vocals.

this is

this one works with highest quality setting and full screen

that is really good yet 7seconds


Tuesday, 8 May 2012


Well,well,well.... I have been absent from the posting for quite a while,being involved in different aspects and projects of my humble existence and i thought maybe i just pop in to say hi and share some tunes:

Sampi and the bad Habits - stick with me

John Carpenter - Marriage is a just a state of mind

these 2 gems i found courtesy of Signore Francesco Macri

This trippy jazz/psychedelic cover of Bam bam i found because i was just curious.they've done a great job.
Cosmo D - Bam Bam (cover)

Now, i'm not much of a house head these days but i love the work done on the voice and rythmic section of the tune,especially with the reverbs and short delays.This makes an excellent trippy bumpy version of the Barrington Levy classsic:
black rose - anthem _live version