Thursday, 3 April 2014

NONDUM PENITUS MORTUUM (not quite dead yet)

 A couple days ago, someone among the handful of people in the world who visit this blog rightly asked me in a message "scuse me for asking but are you dead?".Bless you! you made me laugh a lot and I thank you for your care and concern.No I survived! While still fondly enjoying the posts of the like of Blundetto, Beats and Carrotz etc. I just simply stopped posting one day.

I will leave you all enjoying springtime with this gem from Lee Oskar. Although sometimes the production is on the wrong side of the 80's jazz funk I love this fav bit is past the 7th minute because i'm a sucker for harmonica.
Lee Oskar - Our Road

Peace to all!

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  1. Hi! Good to see you back! Was surprised when I found your blog on top of my blogroll last night... :)

    Lee Oskar's "Our Road" - nice song - and I couldn't have described it any better... It starts all nice... mellow, slow, funky... There is that sweet harmonica jam past the 7th minute... yeah - but also a lot of 80ies Jazz fusion fiddleness... That's were you need a good edit...