Saturday, 25 February 2012


The case Blundetto:
I don't know much about Blundetto; According to a few internet biographies, he's doesn't smile,pictured Blundetto's biggest smile ever captured by a camera:

He has "Blundetto" tattoed on his chest; (Also pictured).
But what i'm sure about is that he's an outstanding musician and thanks to his music i have spent countless amazing moments.I have followed his prods since the first releases and I have never been disappointed.He rightly describes his sound as "stoned soul": extremely rich,warm basses and multi-dimentional,multi-layered instrumental sometimes accompanied by beautiful vocals.the arrangements are expertly subtle and the production is faultless.
Blundetto's just released his second LP "WARM MY SOUL" and it's quite simply the best thing i've heard in a while.(you can get it from Itunes)
To be exact Blundetto is more a concept than someone as such.Blundetto collaborates with a lot of musicians and from these encounters, composition are created and recorded in Blundetto's parisian home studio.I could only wish two things: I would be very curious to hear what Blundetto and Quantic could create if they were collaborating and the second thing is that I would love to see Blundetto LIVE.
Perhaps sometimes in the near future: who knows?

Here a few of Blundetto's musical ventures:
from first album "bad bad things":

a recent mixtape including the best vocal performances of jamaican singers:
mixtape here

one of the first releases:

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