Wednesday, 9 March 2011

non mais good is that?

Greg Blackman who is about to release an album with DJ Vadim (recorded in only 3 weeks so i heard) is having some fun jammin' with some of his mates...
perfect pitch!
GREG BLACKMAN & LYRICKAL - The Haters Can Say What They Want / Funky Like This
  The Haters Can Say What They Want / Funky Like This by Greg Blackman


FREE DOWNLOAD of an off-the-hook Jam Session, and my first meeting with the very wonderful LYRICKAL! Based on the fun we had here literally ten minutes after first being introduced, I truly hope it's not the last. Backing us up on beats are the turntable skills of DJ JOHNNY REBEL who flipped his licks with his customary synergistic flair.
- - - - - - - - B - O - N - U - S - - - - - - -- -
This Jam Session was taken from the October 2nd 2010 edition of THE MORPHEUS SOUL SHOW, presented by The Temporary Residents on You can download the full episodes and view tracklistings at 

Venga!!!! Mr Hayden Brown

I Forgot about this is one for a little while and found it again by playing my ipod in shuffle..i sometimes do this to re-discover lil' gems like this number buried in the pod.(at the same time i realise also the quantity of tunes i have and won't ever really want to listen again)
but this one is works every time: BY THE WAY THE DL LINK STILL WORKS!!!!

  Busta Rhymes - Dangerous (Hayden Brown's Peligroso Latin Remix) by Hayden Brown

Monday, 7 March 2011

Wild cookies

Freddie Cruger & Anthony Mills are Wildcookie:

I do like a bit of Falsetto action and always liked the swishness of Freddie Crugger aka Red astaire's beats.the duo works well and sounds fresh.
here are 2 of my favorites from "cookie dough" LP. (TRU THOUGHTS Records)

Serious drug

Wildcookie:Heroine by PhunkSession

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Tarika - Higher

This is a wonderful African reggae influenced tune i discovered by pure hazard (bit of a long story though).
I just love its simplicity and the lyrics are cleverly naive; makes me grin every time i hear it.Hope you'll like it too!

 Tarika - Higher by Shai*Li