Monday, 7 April 2014


William Onyeabor's music and the circumstances around the way he got access to now vintage synths but extremely rare even in the west are rather unusual and extraordinary.The guy is still alive in Nigeria where he has now become a priest.He doesn't like the spotlight (can't blame him) and doesn't seek recognition (doesn't need to either).A band called Atomic Bomb, alongside a host of well-known faces - musical pioneers in their own right you might say - who had come together to give Onyeabor's unique sound its first outing.These dudes have decided to play his music live led by David Byrne's label luaka bop.Among those 16 dudes we found Money Mark (Beastie Boys)Alexis Taylor (Hot Chip) Kele Okereke from Bloc Party, Pat Mahony from LCD Soundsystem and Ghost Poet. They had all joined together to jam on Onyeabor’s music live "for the second time ever in the universe" (the first being in London the previous night).The second In Bristol.......

Money Mark on Keyboards is quite something (The guy's a legend in many ways)

Thursday, 3 April 2014

NONDUM PENITUS MORTUUM (not quite dead yet)

 A couple days ago, someone among the handful of people in the world who visit this blog rightly asked me in a message "scuse me for asking but are you dead?".Bless you! you made me laugh a lot and I thank you for your care and concern.No I survived! While still fondly enjoying the posts of the like of Blundetto, Beats and Carrotz etc. I just simply stopped posting one day.

I will leave you all enjoying springtime with this gem from Lee Oskar. Although sometimes the production is on the wrong side of the 80's jazz funk I love this fav bit is past the 7th minute because i'm a sucker for harmonica.
Lee Oskar - Our Road

Peace to all!