Monday, 16 April 2012


A weird series of coincidences have intertwined my life with Ponies lately.(don't ask!)
here a nice slice i just came accross to feed the curse of the Pony.
Finger On The Pony (fLako - Leftovers 2008)

Saturday, 14 April 2012


a couple of weeks in a remote finca lost in the hills of countryside Ibiza was what my family really needed.The sun was shining and we made a pact not to bring phones,computers, iPad, Nintendo ds and blah blah di blah...
The house had no internet...only an Ipod was tolerated so we could listen to music while baking our 6 months winter pale skins by the pool.
reading books,eat fresh fish,discover the island and drink Albarinos and juicy Riojas.(fresh orange juice for kids on the latter)
A typical day went like this:
8am ish....a Bright shiny morning:

Sly & Robbie + Howie.B - Ballistic squeeze :slow riser (the volume on your system is right!)

10am the 3 espressos i drunk finally kick in and i can now enjoy this pre-release i'd received...title is just right.
Souleance - la belle vie

Then lunch....

the after lunch, driven by the blood rushing to our bellies and sun hitting us hard would go back to some heavy limbo bass driven tunes like this beauty:
tafari syndicate - free for all

or this one..
los silvertones - carmen

or also some brilliantly produced indulgent funk:
parliament - flash light

having finally digested and after a splash in the pool with the kids trying hard to drawn me just for fun this went down well:
Al Barry _ The Cimarons-Morning sun

shimi sonic - beat of a preacher man

6pm ish feeling perk again we'd drive to a nice beach around and listen to some tunes,drink a few cocktails and watch the sunset.

Flume - sleepless feat cleopatra

this one gets you well ripe in the mood:(no pic sorry)
Souleance - Boobs

Guti _ Dubshape - Every Cow Has A Bird

Hope you've enjoyed the musical journey...