Friday, 2 November 2012


I was at school with the winner of the hair brushing fight.He posted it on facebook.I think it's just fully it is:


Sunday, 14 October 2012



Deliciously wonky....
Baron Retif & Conception Perez - Cascade

the bass, the soothing vocal.
Liam Bailey seems to make unanimity among my fellow bloggers, this one one came out a few months ago on the cloud and didn't seem to make much noise.why? i don't know, you tell me:
Liam Bailey - when will they learn

franco micalizzi - lo chiamavano trinita - titoli
I can't get the whistling bit out of my head,I even had to find the notes on the harmonica.sounds good though...

Sunday, 23 September 2012

The voice

It's always been about the voice.The music remains one of my biggest guilty pleasure.
for the rest no other than Charles puts its better:

Là, tout n'est qu'ordre et beauté,
Luxe, calme et volupté.

oh come on!'s sunday and it was raining all day!

Wednesday, 19 September 2012


I had somehow forgotten how circuses can be inspiring, funny and refreshing until I went there!
It's was so good i got a little too excited until my own kids told me to "calm down a bit dad you're actually not part of the show!".
All i can say is that if you live in England, especially in the south west,go and see them!. For those who are interested in celebrities) Helena bonham carter, Tim burton and their kids were in the audience.not relevant i know but it gives an idea on what type of show it is and I thought they fitted perfectly the creative atmosphere.

A Few tunes now...always wanted to post this.I got a soft spot for songs with kids singing in them since I heard "Another brick in the wall" blasting out of my godfather "renault 5 alpine" (very class... belek!) back in 78...i was 3 years then...and the impact is still very much vivid.
In 1988 I was lucky enough to see the floyds in Montpellier at the Stade Richter on my Step dad shoulders.i was then 13,everybody was smoking weed...I was probably stoned just by the vapors, the music was playing incredibly loud in quadraphonia and when the helicopter (or the sound of it) landed with saturated megaphone voices talking over it in that foreign language (to me at the time)...I hit a musical high that still lives on in me today.
tribute to the floyds : cleverly made extented version of a classic by Scratch and sniff

On a very different note,ode to "knowledge and college" by effortlessly talented kids, featuring one the best backing band is there to be found Menahan street band (coming out soon with new and well anticipated new LP "THE CROSSING"Find here what good ol' Blundetto has made available for you here.(wink wink)

3 Titans - life of a scholar

Not new either but still an amazing "slow" ish tune that never fails to fill the dance-floors is this one i came across in cocktail bar the other night:
Vera Hamilton – But I Ain’t No More (GSTSKDTS)

I wish i had a vinyl version but this the best I got.

I like this band from L.A...
Chicano Batman - The ballad of Raymundo Jacquez

Inevitably will make you think about Menahan street band or even El Michels  affair, but in the more southern way and less polished way.good guitars and organs on this one.more here

To finish this post.Farewell to a master of his art.DJ Matthew Africa left well too early.I love his re-edits and will sorely miss his magic touches on classics such as this one.RIP Matthew.
Ohio Players – Ecstasy (Matthew Africa Edit)

Saturday, 25 August 2012


major lazer - get free

very addictive new tune for the lazer, lovely synths too.

Camille - home is where it hurts

french singer Camille collaborates with one of saian supa crew member to produce a concept album "music hole".amazing vocals, great beat.not for everyone but i love it.

Violent femmes - gone daddy gone

1983! and still fabulous! and the xylophone being well underused instrument works wonders in this track.

Liam Lynch - United States of Whatever by xxno
just for the dancing scarf...

aluna george - Your Drums, Your Love

vocals are covered with THE maturest cheddar cheese they found but tune is infectious.

King Krule Rock Bottom

So British

Alemayehu Eshete - Telantena zare

guitar solo.

Saturday, 18 August 2012


The menu will obviously be eclectic as i  haven't been posting for a decade.I hope my 11 followers will forgive me.I have developed an aversion  for computers and a devotion for outdoors and properly kinaesthetic activities followed by a few trips to  some extraordinary places and met beautiful people.Well, this could lead to a incandescent debate which won't take place right now because it just would be WELL boring and badly written..Instead i suggest a tour of the things I've enjoyed a nutshell it goes like this:

dirty art club - rosslin's crypt

Julio Bashmore - The Horn That Time Forgot

menahan street band - the crossing

Bo Saris - she's on fire

Akua Carter - push Harder

Monday, 21 May 2012


It's all about the festivals, the Olympic games and the queen jubilee right now in England.I'm more into part 1 of the above myself but it's time consuming so before i forget how to spell "blog" or "post" i hurry to share some of the things i have enjoyed lately:
love the video and the song..

same vein as this;perfect to gently nod under the sun...

Bumped into this the other day, i was literally mesmerized by her voice and her perfect timing:

the instrumental here really caught my attention...not entirely convinced by the vocals.

this is

this one works with highest quality setting and full screen

that is really good yet 7seconds


Tuesday, 8 May 2012


Well,well,well.... I have been absent from the posting for quite a while,being involved in different aspects and projects of my humble existence and i thought maybe i just pop in to say hi and share some tunes:

Sampi and the bad Habits - stick with me

John Carpenter - Marriage is a just a state of mind

these 2 gems i found courtesy of Signore Francesco Macri

This trippy jazz/psychedelic cover of Bam bam i found because i was just curious.they've done a great job.
Cosmo D - Bam Bam (cover)

Now, i'm not much of a house head these days but i love the work done on the voice and rythmic section of the tune,especially with the reverbs and short delays.This makes an excellent trippy bumpy version of the Barrington Levy classsic:
black rose - anthem _live version

Monday, 16 April 2012


A weird series of coincidences have intertwined my life with Ponies lately.(don't ask!)
here a nice slice i just came accross to feed the curse of the Pony.
Finger On The Pony (fLako - Leftovers 2008)

Saturday, 14 April 2012


a couple of weeks in a remote finca lost in the hills of countryside Ibiza was what my family really needed.The sun was shining and we made a pact not to bring phones,computers, iPad, Nintendo ds and blah blah di blah...
The house had no internet...only an Ipod was tolerated so we could listen to music while baking our 6 months winter pale skins by the pool.
reading books,eat fresh fish,discover the island and drink Albarinos and juicy Riojas.(fresh orange juice for kids on the latter)
A typical day went like this:
8am ish....a Bright shiny morning:

Sly & Robbie + Howie.B - Ballistic squeeze :slow riser (the volume on your system is right!)

10am the 3 espressos i drunk finally kick in and i can now enjoy this pre-release i'd received...title is just right.
Souleance - la belle vie

Then lunch....

the after lunch, driven by the blood rushing to our bellies and sun hitting us hard would go back to some heavy limbo bass driven tunes like this beauty:
tafari syndicate - free for all

or this one..
los silvertones - carmen

or also some brilliantly produced indulgent funk:
parliament - flash light

having finally digested and after a splash in the pool with the kids trying hard to drawn me just for fun this went down well:
Al Barry _ The Cimarons-Morning sun

shimi sonic - beat of a preacher man

6pm ish feeling perk again we'd drive to a nice beach around and listen to some tunes,drink a few cocktails and watch the sunset.

Flume - sleepless feat cleopatra

this one gets you well ripe in the mood:(no pic sorry)
Souleance - Boobs

Guti _ Dubshape - Every Cow Has A Bird

Hope you've enjoyed the musical journey...

Monday, 19 March 2012


just came across this little wonders rather loud with some proper studio speakers.Downloadable courtesy of the man himself.

and this too is rather refreshing.( sorry no dl,the EP has almost just arrived in the store)

And that's me for tonight....
ManOnWire - Our Story Ends (Short)

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Thursday, 1 March 2012


Hey folks,
 Apologise for the lack of "postage" lately,i have just been busy with work and concentrating on my family the rest of the time really...
Menu du jour: sound selection from the mighty "soundcloud"...
sorry for the "no dl option",i'll try to do better next time..hope you'll enjoy the selection

Saturday, 25 February 2012


The case Blundetto:
I don't know much about Blundetto; According to a few internet biographies, he's doesn't smile,pictured Blundetto's biggest smile ever captured by a camera:

He has "Blundetto" tattoed on his chest; (Also pictured).
But what i'm sure about is that he's an outstanding musician and thanks to his music i have spent countless amazing moments.I have followed his prods since the first releases and I have never been disappointed.He rightly describes his sound as "stoned soul": extremely rich,warm basses and multi-dimentional,multi-layered instrumental sometimes accompanied by beautiful vocals.the arrangements are expertly subtle and the production is faultless.
Blundetto's just released his second LP "WARM MY SOUL" and it's quite simply the best thing i've heard in a while.(you can get it from Itunes)
To be exact Blundetto is more a concept than someone as such.Blundetto collaborates with a lot of musicians and from these encounters, composition are created and recorded in Blundetto's parisian home studio.I could only wish two things: I would be very curious to hear what Blundetto and Quantic could create if they were collaborating and the second thing is that I would love to see Blundetto LIVE.
Perhaps sometimes in the near future: who knows?

Here a few of Blundetto's musical ventures:
from first album "bad bad things":

a recent mixtape including the best vocal performances of jamaican singers:
mixtape here

one of the first releases: