Sunday, 26 June 2011


Happy birthday my little angel!

Hey folks...i hope you're all well and happy...summer has finally kicked in in England (don't miss it though! remember it lasts only 3 days on average).

Musica ahorita!

A musical response to THIS post.
Bas Lexter ensample - down by the river

Onra & Quetzal - stop (walk on by)

Jamie XX - Far nearer

So it
Onra & Quetzal - dans mon bus

My current ringtone...(who cares?...good little tune though)
Quetzal - Calle O'Reilly

Now this Boom Clap number i can't seem to decide if i really like it but it seems to bring a smile to my face every time it plays so i'll try it on you.. see if it's contagious
Mojo Filter ft. Modest Mouse - The Good Times Are Killing Me (Into The Cosmic Wilderness Dub)

DJ Shadow - I've been trying

I wish the shadow was making more songs like this

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