Wednesday, 23 November 2011


No this is not the name of Blundetto's new lp but it's coming soon.THE SOUND IS AMAZING and it's from crap de crap youtube so i just can imagine the full version of this teaser on technics and studio speakers! (slight bemol for the vocals but they might grow in me).

here instead is a 9 minutes piece of fusion by Badbadnotgood.......pffff ....well for those who like labeling and categories,this could be classified under JAZZ//HIPHOP/ me it's just brilliant musicians doing what they are exceptional at:playing music:
here on their version of doom
badbadnotgood - doom

Another cover/version of MGMT - Kids by bluegrass band Dr Fox's Old Timey String Band.
don't laugh...i love this (bless me i'm just getting old,give me a break!)
MGMT - kids (Dr Fox's Old Timey String Band version)

i'll be back in a minute


  1. Why would we laugh when you are displaying the epitome of taste?

  2. well thank you mysterious person...