Wednesday, 19 September 2012


I had somehow forgotten how circuses can be inspiring, funny and refreshing until I went there!
It's was so good i got a little too excited until my own kids told me to "calm down a bit dad you're actually not part of the show!".
All i can say is that if you live in England, especially in the south west,go and see them!. For those who are interested in celebrities) Helena bonham carter, Tim burton and their kids were in the audience.not relevant i know but it gives an idea on what type of show it is and I thought they fitted perfectly the creative atmosphere.

A Few tunes now...always wanted to post this.I got a soft spot for songs with kids singing in them since I heard "Another brick in the wall" blasting out of my godfather "renault 5 alpine" (very class... belek!) back in 78...i was 3 years then...and the impact is still very much vivid.
In 1988 I was lucky enough to see the floyds in Montpellier at the Stade Richter on my Step dad shoulders.i was then 13,everybody was smoking weed...I was probably stoned just by the vapors, the music was playing incredibly loud in quadraphonia and when the helicopter (or the sound of it) landed with saturated megaphone voices talking over it in that foreign language (to me at the time)...I hit a musical high that still lives on in me today.
tribute to the floyds : cleverly made extented version of a classic by Scratch and sniff

On a very different note,ode to "knowledge and college" by effortlessly talented kids, featuring one the best backing band is there to be found Menahan street band (coming out soon with new and well anticipated new LP "THE CROSSING"Find here what good ol' Blundetto has made available for you here.(wink wink)

3 Titans - life of a scholar

Not new either but still an amazing "slow" ish tune that never fails to fill the dance-floors is this one i came across in cocktail bar the other night:
Vera Hamilton – But I Ain’t No More (GSTSKDTS)

I wish i had a vinyl version but this the best I got.

I like this band from L.A...
Chicano Batman - The ballad of Raymundo Jacquez

Inevitably will make you think about Menahan street band or even El Michels  affair, but in the more southern way and less polished way.good guitars and organs on this one.more here

To finish this post.Farewell to a master of his art.DJ Matthew Africa left well too early.I love his re-edits and will sorely miss his magic touches on classics such as this one.RIP Matthew.
Ohio Players – Ecstasy (Matthew Africa Edit)

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