Saturday, 25 August 2012


major lazer - get free

very addictive new tune for the lazer, lovely synths too.

Camille - home is where it hurts

french singer Camille collaborates with one of saian supa crew member to produce a concept album "music hole".amazing vocals, great beat.not for everyone but i love it.

Violent femmes - gone daddy gone

1983! and still fabulous! and the xylophone being well underused instrument works wonders in this track.

Liam Lynch - United States of Whatever by xxno
just for the dancing scarf...

aluna george - Your Drums, Your Love

vocals are covered with THE maturest cheddar cheese they found but tune is infectious.

King Krule Rock Bottom

So British

Alemayehu Eshete - Telantena zare

guitar solo.


  1. sorry folks, on my desktop tracks never seem to load up for listening but the downloads still work.So can still download them and delete what's not up your street.

  2. Violent Femmes... Toujours aussi bon !