Monday, 5 December 2011


  Niles Philips - Ill At Ease (feat Tonkin) by Duendiness
 Niles Philips - Ill At Ease (feat Tonkin) by Duendiness

Sola Rosa - These Words (feat. Spikey T) (JPOD remix)

Gotye ft Kimbra - somebody that i used to know

Now...we have this thing going on with my wife:    on sundays...once our lovely lively kiddos are nice and cosy in bed, we light a fire,open a (sometimes 2) bottle of an (expertidly selected) red wine and plate up a selection of (expertidly selected) cheeses and we play our old records on our Technics in back to back. these sessions bring back some great memories and of course dug up some amazing tunes.warning:it's pretty chilled and it's the idea really.
have you ever been raving with a cheese platter? .........that's what i thought. 

1st one is an incredibly chilled and meditative hip hop gem from dj krush and friends.a band called RYU.Released in 1999.
  Ryu - song from the far east by Duendiness

following up,my favorite tune of 2010 (si si Mr Blundetto!) revisited by THE Blunde' himself in a trippier version than the original but each version is equally outstanding.featuring the unique voice of Hindi Zahra.
Blundetto is coming back with a new ep in january and i can't wait for the meantime listen to this:
 Voices (blundedub) by heavenlysweetness

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