Monday, 5 September 2011


Hey everyone! i trust you're all well and healthy(ish).I haven't been posting for a month exactly.during this time i have been on a mini European tour in the family camper-van.
lots of camping,ate lots of good food and drank copious amount of lush beverages.Amazing memories and moments....
back to work now (harsh)....but i feel very lucky and blessed to have been to enjoy such a good times with family and friends...
I've also been  on endless bike rides and this brings us to the man i discovered very recently and i'm his work blew my away.
the name's Danny Macaskill (look out for this one POB as a bike lover if you don't know already).

The guy is masterfully in control of his art.enjoy.soundtrack by a local artist too.


  1. welcome back! glad you are enjoying the summer.

    i've seen this guy before and he is crazy talented! so fun to watch.

  2. yeah! i have seen some videos of Danny Macaskill on youtube before. just amazing!!! nicely done video...