Tuesday, 2 August 2011


Another excellent post by the Principaute of Ballard and even more intelligent the invitation for the readers/listeners to find a funkier video than the one the he posted (sorry i don't even know your real first name).The bar was set rather high in the first place and the "Bim sala bim" answer was a very good choice too.
I love my funk too and took the invitation quite literally and tried to find a funkier one.
Oh no no no...i did not do it for competition sake,I did it for funk sake...here are my personal favorites: (i'm sorry i selected too many,it was too difficult to choose...thanks POB for the invitation and more importantly  for the inspiration, it was a subtle and imaginative idea,we should do that more often..that was fun)

WTF?!  It's funk to me...

woooooooooooooooh and all that funk i obviously forgotten.....

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  1. nice work kristof. my first name is kristjan by the way, and i'm gonna have to go with sly for this line-up. hypnotic brass comes in a close 2nd.