Wednesday, 27 July 2011


I will try to spare you the requiem in D minor from Wolfgang but I'm sad that Amy Winehouse didn't make it.
Always a part of me believed that she'd be strong enough to find her way out of the wood.I lost friends this way and all i can say about it.. is.......when you are're on your own..regardless of who you are or how many people love you or want to save you.This is your own fight...
I've seen her live and  yes... she was all over the place,making random jokes....some of them funny some of them well i just didn't get them, ordering trillions of cocktails from the bar between songs  that someone would take all the way through the crowd and she'd drank them like actimels. She was very needy, insecure, manically playing with her was sometimes painful to watch.........  but the moment she started singing it was just pure magic.
R.I.P Amy....Thanks for all the beautiful notes....

Amy Winehouse - Love is the losing game

Amy Amy Amy (outro)

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